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I have recently tracked down a few of the early patents that are stamped into the bottom of some of the Manning Bowman percolators. There was a total of six US Patents that were issued and assigned to Manning-Bowman between 1904 and 1906. I will list the most referred to patents first. 

The Nov. 8, 1904 U.S. Patent Number 774,278 is referred to extensively when people write their description, but most people are unaware of what this patent describes. This was the U.S. Patent for the Alcohol Lamp that was used to heat the pot.

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The U.S. Patent mentioned most frequently is Number 821,125, issued on May 22nd 1906. This patent is for the locking mechanism that attaches the base to the urn. 

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U.S. Patent Number 772,498 issued on October 18th 1904 was focused on a new and improved perforated screen held in place by springs. This type of filter attachment quickly replaced Patent Number 752,113 issued on Feb. 16th 1904.

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U.S. Patent Number 752,113 issued on February 16th 1904. The design from this patent was used briefly for a few months being replaced by U.S. Patent Number 752,113 shown above.

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U.S. Patent Number 751,565 issued February 9, 1904 is a very significant coffee patent. This patent describes the basic percolator bell that fits on the bottom of the coffee pot. Ever seen a Pyrex coffee pot?

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U.S. Patent Number 821,124 issued May 22, 1906. This patent covers design of a improved heating chamber. It specifically covers a device where the main body of fluid remains at a substantially lower temperature than the fluid in the heating-chamber.

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