"Coffee Robot"

"Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!"



Magic Folks!......nothing less! The Coffee Robot makes the most delicious drip coffee you ever drank, making it right every time....stirring, brewing, shutting off current, keeping coffee hot every step is automatic! Then, too, you do not have to remove upper bowl - just pour and serve.

The Coffee Robot comes in many beautiful models. It brews coffee to a fullness and delicacy of flavor you may never have experienced before. Now with this mechanical genius, you get such delicious coffee every time - using practically any grind of coffee. Let the Coffee Robot do the work! It does it automatically! It does it perfectly - It works while you play!

A Farberware Quality Appliance

The Result of Many Years of Scientific Research

* Made of heavy gauge brass, nickel and chromium plated. Will not tarnish - requires no polishing.

* Specially chromium plated inside to prevent metallic taste.

* Easily cleaned

* Faucet or spout eliminates having to remove hot glass bowl in order to pour coffee.

* Heat resistant glass bowl.


     Early filter (top) used in #10 and #20